The Les Poochs Fragrances line features six exquisite scents which will leave your pooch smelling fresh for several days. These light, elegant fragrances are enhanced with two of the finest conditioners for the dog's coat and are packaged in beautiful crystal glass bottles with natural pump sprays.

 Male Scents 

Le Pooch
A light woodsy-green top note with lingering hints of leather and spice.

Retail Price: SGD$86 (50ml / 1.7oz.)


Le Pooch II
The fresh and tangy scent of Bergamot is blended with undertones of Neroli, Amber and Provencal mountain herbs.

Retail Price: SGD$136 (100ml / 3.4oz.)

 Female Scents 

La Pooch
A sprightly and light floral reminiscent of spring flowers and Lily of the Valley.

Retail Price: SGD$86 (50ml / 1.7oz.)


La Pooch II
A delightfully light combination of fresh white florals with a hint of green and fruity notes.

Retail Price: SGD$136 (100ml / 3.4oz.)



Pooch de NOËL Eau de Parfum Spray
(available only during the festive period in December.)
Derives its elegant fresh note from the regal Pear Williams fruit. Harvested exclusively in Switzerland and only in the fall of the year, this delicate fruit emits a characteristic beautiful fresh green scent. Available exclusively during the Holiday season, each limited edition ultramodern cobalt silver bottle is numbered and comes with a fine mist bulb vaporizer.

Retail Price: SGD$600 (120ml / 4oz.)


Pooch Puppy I
A true evocation of the distinctive scent of Linden blossom, naturally sweet yet always fresh and lingering.

Retail Price: SGD$136 (100ml / 3.4oz.)

Pooch d'été
(available only from June 1 to July 4.)
This springtime bouquet of crisp green florals, mossy undertones will send your olfactory receptors begging for more.
This limited numbered bottles are only available during the summer season.