We believe dog lovers in Singapore want their furry friends to look their best but are still searching for that unique combination of expertise and talent to achieve the desired results. At Petstylist, we offer discerning owners that unique experience.

As our name implies, we believe it’s as much about styling a dog as it is about grooming them - no dog ever leaves our salon shaved or bald. Instead, we strive to bring out the individual personality and beauty of each and every canine client that is placed before us.

We bring out the best in each dog by blending the timeless principles of proportion and symmetry (as espoused by Da Vinci, the archetypical Renaissance man) with specific dog breed profiles. Such attention to detail in creating that distinct look for your dog limits our attention to a maximum of five dogs a day.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence in petstyling means only proven shampoos, conditioners and fragrances of the highest quality are ever used to pamper your furbabies. These enhancement products are carefully selected based on your dog’s coat texture, colour and skin condition. Nothing is left to chance.

We hope to bring about a renaissance among dog lovers in Singapore by sharing our knowledge with owners. To this end we regular conduct breed specific grooming workshops.